Radius Project -February & March update

 “Every famous musician started somewhere.  This is a story about somewhere.”


The idea for the Radius Project has sat with me for too long and as I outlined in my December post it was time to act on it.   Since the last update I’ve been wrapping some other projects, doing research,  throwing ideas and concepts around, cutting a teaser trailer and most importantly building a website, social media pages and a kickstarter campaign for The Radius Project.   Originally I’d intended to house the project and it’s blogs from this site but after a not very intense debate decided to give it’s own home and brand.

I’ll still be posting about it here but I’d love it if you could check out the new site and social media accounts (Facebook / twitter / Instagram / kickstarter)

Speaking of Kickstarter….PLEASE check it out!  This is an indie release and your backing is our lifeblood!   We’ve come up with some really cool rewards add ons (ESPECIALLY THE GUITAR PEDALS) so we’d love it if you can donate and spread the word so we can reach our goal in 30 days.

I’ll still be shooting lots of bands, festivals, campaigns and the like all while working on The Radius Project so stay tuned for more of my work here.


Special thanks to Dave Grohl -because if a guy can go from the drummer of Nirvana to being the lead singer and guitarist of the Foo Fighters to being an acclaimed interviewer and director then I’m thinking I’ve got a shot at making something halfway decent.    And thanks to Chase Jarvis for being a constant beacon of talent, brand and inspiration.   We had a  conversation a few years back that lit a fire under me that will never go out.

Awesome things are indeed awesome!





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